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Apple announces second generation of AirPods

Apple announced the second generation of its wireless earbuds, AirPods, on Wednesday, saying the new version will include a wireless charging case, longer battery life and hands-free access to the iPhone's digital assistant, Siri.
The first generation of AirPods received some ridicule upon their release in 2016 but have since grown into a cultural phenomenon, and the second generation adds to Apple's expansion into the increasingly popular market for wearable

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First, an iPad refresh. Now Apple updates iMacs with faster processors and graphics

Laptops long ago overtook the desktop as the go-to computer of choice for most consumers and business people. Lately, even Apple seemed to be overlooking its all-in-one iMac desktop line.
On Tuesday, Apple’s provided its first consequential update to the iMac since June 2017, resulting in the kind of robust improvements that, in theory anyway, will mean something for power users, and, perhaps even diehard gamers.

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Verizon's 5G network to launch April 11 in two US cities

Verizon said on Wednesday that it plans to launch its highly anticipated 5G network on April 11 in Chicago and Minneapolis. There's a caveat, of course, as the carrier said only parts of the cities will experience Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband mobility service before the coverage is expanded more widely. By the end of this year, Verizon expects to have its 5G service live in more than 30 markets.

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How the World Wide Web Was Born

We take the “www” prefix for URL (uniform resource locator) code for granted as shorthand for the World Wide Web, but the online communication platform might have been called something different when it was created 30 years ago.

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