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Do You Need Anti-Virus Apps for Your Phone?

While you might be used to having to protect against malware and viruses on your computer, security tools are less common on phones. Should you be installing antivirus apps on your smartphone, or are the built-in protections that come as part of Android and iOS enough to keep you safe?

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The extra lenses in your smartphone's camera, explained

Go shopping for a smartphone today and one of the features you'll want to pay close attention to is the rear-facing camera, which may come with multiple lenses.

Each camera has a lens for directing light and a sensor for capturing it, both of which affect the quality of the finished shot. In recent years, manufacturers have added more and more lenses to the back camera, spawning designations such as "dual-lens" and "triple-lens." The upper end of the spectrum is occupied by phones such as the Nokia 9 PureView, which has five, but is more really better? What exactly do these extra lenses do?

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Router security: How to avoid getting hacked by cybercriminals

The bad news: most people don’t give a second thought to their routers.
This lack of know-how puts a lot of households in a dangerous position. The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has issued an alert about Russian state-supported hackers carrying out attacks against a large number of home routers in the U.S.
Some routers are inherently flawed and can never be fixed. To help beef up your router’s security, here are five tactics for protecting your home network, devices and files from hackers.

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How to set up emergency location sharing on Android, iOS

Smartphones are spectacular for snapping photos, scanning the news, and sending messages, but they can also be literal lifesavers if you take the time to set them up before the need arises.
Both Android and iOS have easy-to-use systems for sharing your location with a friend, family member, or other trusted contact in an emergency. You can even create connections that’ll allow you to check up on loved ones to see if their phone has detected movement lately and then request an automated location update if you’re unable to reach them.

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